Centennial Barn Project

Barn Keepers recognizes centennial barns in McLean County

centennial_barn_signProject includes attractive commemorative signage

Unveiling set for McLean County Fair, Aug. 3-7

Calling all 100-year-old barn owners! The not-for-profit Barn Keepers would like to recognize these century-old structures by designating them Illinois Centennial Barns.

 Barns are unique structures that hold countless stories. Sadly, these architectural and historical icons are becoming an increasingly rare sight in the Corn Belt countryside. In 1955, McLean County was home to more than 4,800 barns. Today, there are less than 1,200 left, and a large percentage of those are in disrepair, soon to disappear from the landscape.

For barns verified to be 100 years or older, owners will have the opportunity to receive a 24 x 24-inch durable, outdoor metal sign to attach to their barn. The reflective sign features the state of Illinois outline and the Barn Keepers logo. There is also a nameplate at the bottom to include the barn’s original or current owner.  A $50 fee will cover the cost of processing the application, the sign, and delivery.

With the current owner’s permission, historical information on their Centennial Barn will be placed in the Barn Keepers Collection, McLean County Museum of History archives, Bloomington.

For more information, contact Ron Ropp at (309) 452-8534. Information on the Illinois Centennial Barn project, download an application or applications will be available at the Barn Keepers booth at the McLean County Fair, Aug. 3-7.