Centennial Barn Project

Do you own a barn that’s been around 100 or more years?



Complete a Centennial Barn application and, if approved, receive this 20 by 20-inch reflective metal sign to attach to your barn.


Ron Ropp, a Barn Keepers board member, stands in front of his Centennial Barn sign on his Dry Grove Township, McLean County farm.

Even if you don’t know the exact year your barn was built or its complete history, you may still be eligible. The $80 fee includes the cost of processing the application and the sign. What a bargain! Join the many McLean County barn owners who celebrate local farm heritage by proudly displaying this durable, handsome sign. What are you waiting for?

With the current owner’s permission, historical information on their Centennial Barn will be placed in the Barn Keepers Collection, McLean County Museum of History archives, Bloomington.

For more information about the project and the application please download an application.

Centennial Barns in McLean County by Township