Barn Keepers of Central Illinois board meets in February 2022.
The Barn Keepers Board meets in February 2022. In the foreground from left, Jack Miller, and Jim Hanlin. Back row from left, Ron Ropp, Gerald Poppe, Jon Stephens, Pat Huth, Jean Cooper, and Allene Gregory.

2023 Board of Directors

Tour Committee

  • Susie Sears
  • Laurie Vial


  • Bill Kemp

Past Board Members

  • Mark Edwards
  • Susie Sears
  • Dale Sutter
  • Laurie Vial
  • Jim Williams
  • David Wilson
  • Wally Yoder


Barn Keepers mailing address

Barn Keepers
PO Box 261
Bloomington, IL 61702-0261