Photo by Bill Kemp

Barn Keepers Board of Directors at the Oct. 10, 2019, board meeting.
From left: Ron Ropp, Jean Cooper, Pat Huth, Allene Gregory, Jack Miller, Jim Williams, Jim Hanlin, and Dave Stephens. Not pictured: Bill Kemp, board chair.

Board of Directors:

Bill Kemp, Chairperson      

Pat Huth, Vice Chairperson

Jim Hanlin, Treasurer         

Jack Miller, Secretary                          

Jean Cooper

Allene Gregory

Ron Ropp

Dave Stephens

Jim Williams

Tour Committee:

Susie Sears

Laurie Vial

Past Board Members:

Mark Edwards

Susie Sears

Dale Sutter

Laurie Vial

David Wilson

Wally Yoder

Mailing Address:

Barn Keepers

PO Box 261, Bloomington, IL 61702-0261